Birth & Postpartum
Doula Services

Are you preparing to welcome a new child into your life?

Are you wanting to feel supported and held amidst all the many changes happening at this time?

Do you want guidance and an advocate for you to have a hospital birth?

Do you want help after the birth back at home so you can simply enjoy life with your family?


If so, I may be just who you are seeking. Let’s get to know each other to find out. . .

As a healing arts community minister with experience as a hospital chaplain and somatic movement therapist, I support people through transformations in their lives, which often feel like rebirth in the body, mind and soul. Childbirth is such a sacred and profound time for the whole family and I feel called to help bring presence, curiosity and nurturing love to support the healing of our children, our lineages and our community.

I’ve been on a healing path for the last 20 years learning from teachers around the world and I find that wellness all comes back to how we are in relationship with the Earth, our bodies, our families and communities. If we have the support we need from early on and through big transitions in our life, we can choose to nurture our inner children and the children we are bringing into the world to grow up knowing they are loved so they can simply be love. I’m committed to helping families live into this love together.

I offer open minded, open hearted presence to support your needs and desires around your up coming birth. I can also offer knowledge to support you amidst your questions and uncertainties holding it all with gentle care and curiosity as we open to what unfolds together. While no one can create the perfect birth, I am here to honor your visions and values no matter what choices you make. I’m here to support you and your new baby to emerge and grow with love at this tender and profound time.

Services offered:

  • Birth & Postpartum Doula Services
  • Somatic Movement Therapy and Education
  • Mindfulness Guidance
  • Somatic Attachment Therapy
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • Hospital 

This time of birth can be full of so much uncertainty, concern and even fear especially if you’re a new parent or have had traumatic experiences with childbirth before. With mindful guidance and embodiment practice you can become more in tune with your body and be able to grow through the experience of childbirth to welcome your baby as well as a new experience of life yourself.

As a birth doula I’ll come to your home, meet with you and get to know you and your partner’s wishes. I offer prenatal visits to support your discernment and creation of your birth plan and educate you on some perspectives, practices and positions that can allow for greater empowerment and ease in the birthing process. 

As you being early labor, I’m available for you to call and I can support you with comfort measures and practices over the phone or at your home before you go to the hospital. As an experienced hospital chaplain, I’m comfortable being a open hearted and minded presence in the hospital environment and I can help bridge you seamlessly with the hospital staff. I am available for home births with a nurse midwife as well if that is preferred. 

Once labor begins, I am present and engaged with you and throughout the journey. I will offer physical support with guidance on positions and movement, emotional support and encouragement as well as advocacy to follow your wishes. amidst the often complex hospital setting.

I’m also here for your partner or anyone else who you choose to have with you at the time of birth to offer them guidance and suggestions on how to be supportively engaged.

I’m then available postpartum to come back to your home and provide wrap around support from breastfeeding guidance to tending to your new little one and discerning their needs to helping bridge connections with family members and friends. I can also do laundry, clean up dishes and tidy spaces to support you to get the rest that you will need and make meals that would be nourishing to you. 

Ultimately, I’m here to help you feel encompassed by loving support throughout this transformative journey. 

If you’re interested to learn more and connect you can set up a free consultation meeting initially online to see if you’d like me to come out to your home and get to know you and your family in person. May this next step of your life be filled with wonder and love as you grow your family.


Now accepting medicaid and some managed care plans as well as private pay.
Packages include up to 3 prenatal visits, entire childbirth and up to 3 postpartum visits. There are no additional fees for length of birth. My intention is to honor all birthing parents and partners to have a fulfilling, supported and loving childbirth journey.
I look forward to connecting!