Integrative Body-Mind Counseling

Are you wanting to feel more at home and alive in your body?

Are you wanting to feel more deeply nourished and engaged in creating your life? 

Are you wanting to rekindle a sense of hope and possibility for making a difference in the world?

Do you want to expand into your greater potential and become a potent creator in your life, relationships and community?


If so, you’ve arrived at a place where you may be able to receive the support you need to make this all possible…

I offer integrative body-mind counseling to reconnect the body, mind, emotions and spirituality in ways that are simple and nourishing, enlivening and gentle. You will learn practical skills that you can bring into your everyday to address your experience in the moment and bring long lasting transformation into your life.

We will address the felt sense of your experience that will lead us to the deeper beliefs and root causes of your challenges. As you are able to feel into and listen to these parts of you and understand their needs, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what you need to continue on your path with more integrity and care. As you transform from the inside out you will be able to have a more beneficial impact on your family, community and the collective.


  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Somatic Movement Therapy
  • Neural Reprogramming
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • Somatic Attachment Therapy
  • Ritual Arts
  • Nature Connection

Through the 5 modes of connection with the elements including:

  • Awareness – Ethers
  • Touch – Earth
  • Sounding/Speaking – Water
  • Movement – Fire
  • Breath – Air

I’ll ally with you to follow your own inner guidance and cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and your body to return to greater wholeness, integrity and fulfillment.

Each session looks and feels different as attention is offered to each individual’s unique needs throughout our time together.

Hilary is available for a free 30 minute discovery call to help you clarify if this work is a good match for you and how it may support you to create the change you seek.

These sessions provide a grounding in and integration of spiritual truths that can come alive in your body through all aspects of your life informing all that you do with each move you make from your center.

Benefits of this Work:

  • Discovering the deep well of resource available for you in your own body
  • Befriending challenging experiences as opportunities
  • Learning how to practice being present with and discerning your own needs
  • Practicing communicating your needs and making requests
  • Deepening in intimacy with yourself and therefore your capacity to have greater intimacy with others
  • Expanding your capacity to show up for yourself as well as others
  • Exploring your creative inspiration and possibilities for personal expression and empowerment
  • Feeling a greater sense of belonging and connection

Example Session:​

  • Opening conversation where you share what is challenging for you or what’s not working and/or you long for in your life.
  • Focusing our attention on your intentions or what you want to address in this session together and how that relates to your felt sense in your body.
  • Recognizing and feeling into the parts that are calling for attention and offering them your presence and being in inquiry with them.
  • Offering you tools and perspectives on how to be present with your body, your nervous system specifically and addressing your needs and longings.
  • Mindful embodiment practice to shift your relationship to these challenges and your body by being present with your nervous system and all the systems of your body.
  • Integrate a self care practice and/or ritual into your daily/regular life between sessions.
  • Determine the next action steps to support your intentions.

As a result of the time that it takes to integrate the change from these sessions, I recommend people work with me for at least 6 sessions so that you’re able to see a more full perspective and address different areas of your life. If this investment isn’t possible for you at this time, consider one of my other offerings.

Current Package Offering:

Nurturing Renewal

One-On-One Session Package to Renew Yourself and Your Life

We always have the opportunity to make new choices in our lives and to discern what our most generative next move is with care and curiosity. That said it can be deeply challenging to discern how to take these next steps using the tools that may no longer be serving us. With focused support and gaining new compassionate perspective, we can create the lives that we truly desire given the challenges that we individually and collectively face. This program offers this support to individuals who are ready to discern those next steps and to take them with greater self love, connection, intimacy, creativity and fulfillment as we nurture the renewal that is wanting to happen through you. 

After filling out the initial intake in which you clarify what areas of your life you’re wanting to focus on, I’ll guide you through each session in which you’ll receive a somatic movement practice with inquiry questions to offer you insight on how you can create the change that you want in your life. There’s also the option to receive a sidereal astrology birth chart reading that maps your soul’s journey in this lifetime. You’ll have a chance to clarify what areas you want to focus on and gain embodiment, energetic and inquiry tools to navigate how to take these next steps forward from a place of deeper inner connection, intimacy, compassion, care, creativity and integrity.

We will use the elements as our main guides as well as aspects and modes of connection including movement, touch, breath, sounding and awareness that we can use to understand and fulfill our needs with ourselves and others in deeply nourishing ways. I also work with plant allies to offer you extra medicinal support between sessions. Many of the medicines are available for purchase through the online shop. 

Here’s the curriculum:

Earth: Resources

Security and Discovering our Needs vs. Insecurity and Confusion
Cedar & Burdock


Water: Intimacy

Safety and Cultivating Trust vs. Fear and Over Intellectualization
Rose & Motherwort

Fire: Community

Sovereignty and Power vs. Craving and Co-Dependency
Calendula & Lemongrass

Air: Expression

Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration vs. Annoyance and Anger
Mullein & Echinacea

Ethers: Connection

Inner Union & Self/Other Compassion vs. Ignorance, Denial, Depression
Tulsi & Anise Hyssop


6 sessions, each 90 minutes over 6-24 weeks.

Payment plan is available if needed which we can talk about during the discovery call

Not only was each session a luxurious, sacred space in which I explored what was happening for me in my business and in my life more generally; the time in between sessions was rich with discoveries – both challenging and exhilarating.

The framework and questions Hilary has developed allowed me to go deep into an inquiring space without feeling violated or forced in any way, and allowed for answers and more aligned and easeful ways of being to naturally or “magically” appear. I also learned what inquiries needed more time to explore further. Having Hilary to reflect and explore with has been a gift in this process.

The shifts I experienced from working with Hilary were subtle and profound. Having started feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to implement certain new habits in my life, I have emerged having shed self-judgment and with a feeling of ease, flow and joy! This includes a deeper attunement to the sacredness of everyday life; connecting not only with other humans, but especially connecting with and feeling supported by the natural elements. I am more deeply connected, in an embodied way, with my desire to nourish and be nourished by life on Earth. I know that the benefits from my work with Hilary will only grow further over time!

Vivian Winterhoff

Founder, Joy in Movement Bodymind Explorations

If you’re interested in learning more, book a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more and see if this
journey is right for you: