I’m glad to connect with you! I’m Hilary.

I’m honored that you’re here and curious to learn more. I call myself a healing arts community minister, somatic therapist & educator. I help people remember their bodies and their true nature in connection with all of life. I guide us through the pain of disconnection or trauma back into connection with awareness, movement, sounding, touch and breath. And I support people to honor their full experience as humans who are connected from Earth to the cosmos and are able to share what is emerging from in between. As we share we heal and grow together with the community of life.

I offer one-one sessions, group spaces and healing products to support our deepening and growth into who we are called to be together.

My Offerings

Integrative Counseling

This is one-on-one support for you to cultivate nervous system regulation, resilience and balance in your life through simple embodied practices. Through the 5 modes of connection, including awareness, movement, touch, sounding and breath, I’ll ally with you to follow your own guidance and nurture a caring and intimate relationship with yourself and your body. Learn more.

Healing Through Your Grief

Get a taste of the process of healing through grief that can be nourishing and grounding, joyful and expressive, comforting and connective as well as a growth experience. You can use your own body, breath, knowing and expression as guides to awaken latent wisdom that can offer you resilience through change. Learn more.

Ritual Guidance

Ritual is the practice of transformation from one state to another which can be an aspect of ceremony. Ceremony is reverently honoring and re-membering the natural web of life. The root of the word ceremony is “sacred” and so we are returning to the sacredness of life through this often more communal practice. Learn more.

She is a true empathetic healer. I travel almost 3 hours back and forth for my appointment and well worth it. The healing takes place for me by just being in her presence. She works well with what I tell her other therapists have said. Hilary is so open and listens and truly hears feelings and sentiments.
I find her voice when she chants mantras to be very healing to my body, mind and soul and particularly my heart. Thank you Hilary for giving me hope. 


Upcoming Events

healing circle

Embodied Stress Relief for the Female Body

Wednesdays July 3rd-24th
and Friday August 2nd



Learn and practice how you can respond to stress with greater embodied awareness, choice and resilience amidst whatever you are experiencing as a woman.




July 12th-14th

The Annual Blissfest Music Festival is a celebration of music, culture, art, and community featuring diverse and innovative folk, world and roots music and healing arts on a farm in Norther Michigan.

healing with the Earth

Cacao & Movement Journey

Sunday,  July 28th



Join in this nourishing heart centered journey to re-member your wholeness through you own body and soul in community as we honor the fullness of the summer and cultivate inner balance and renewal.

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