A 2 minute taste of Moving in Grace by Roger Ingraham. 

A 5 minute video of Moving in Grace, Inbodying the Change.

Hilary’s offering of the refuge dance and Nepalese Vajrayogini dance. Shot and edited by Don Brinsmead.


Dancing with Dharma: Essays on Movement and Dance in Western Buddhism, includes two chapters from Hilary about Moving in Grace.  Friend and collaborator Harrison Blum, gathered the perspectives and practices of many Western Buddhist practitioners who are integrating their experience between Buddhism and dance.  Moving in Grace has both a ritual chapter as well as a guided practices chapter included in the anthology.  

Both Buddhism and dance invite the practitioner into present-moment embodiment. The rise of Western Buddhism, sacred dance and dance/movement therapy, along with the mindfulness meditation boom, has created opportunities for Buddhism to inform dance aesthetics and for Buddhist practice to be shaped by dance. This collection of new essays documents the innovative work being done at the intersection of Buddhism and dance. The contributors–scholars, choreographers and Buddhist masters–discuss movement, performance, ritual and theory, among other topics. The final section provides a variety of guided practices. 

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