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Creative ReBirth: An Embodiment Series

January 21 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Are you longing to feel more connected, supported and or creatively engaged in community? 

Whether we are birthing projects into the world, are considering welcoming new life, are expecting or are already a parent, so often the challenges of creation and homemaking can make it difficult in our cultural context to stay connected to and engaged with others. And it is at this time that we need more energy and community to feel supported through our growth. While we cannot force our creativity and connections to show up, we can nurture the conditions to support new life to grow and emerge joyfully while being held in community. 

What if you could have the support you need to feel vibrant and connected in creative ways? 

What if we could support each other by creating a healing environment for learning and sharing together that welcomes all of who we are? 

I’ve seen it, experienced it, know it’s possible and I’m called to help make it so in our community for us all . . .

What is it that you need to feel creatively alive, engaged and supported in your life?

We will explore this question as individuals and connect together as our wonderfully dynamic complex selves to guide us on this journey inward and back out into community. 

Through trauma informed gentle & playful embodiment practices including mindfulness, storytelling, intuitive drawing and movement, we’ll explore the conditions that welcome creative birth and rebirth in our lives. No previous experience is needed and you’ll be guided to relax your inhibitions in incremental and safe ways to support your own embodied knowing and courage to emerge. 

Who is this workshop for?:  This workshop is for cultural creatives, entrepreneurs, those who are wanting to birth creative projects, those who are considering having children, are expecting or are already parents.


Through this experience you will receive:

  • Fun, playful, easeful ways to connect with your body, yourself and others
  • Trauma informed somatic meditation practices to gentle music that you will receive the playlists to and can use on your own time to practice self healing in a relaxing way

  • Time to explore various creative practices including intuitive drawing, embodied storytelling, stream of consciousness writing to gently invite your creative self to emerge
  • Learn more about the elements and how they are sources for guidance, wisdom, healing and belonging 
  • Learn about a couple plants each session that relate to the element we are focusing on who can support your on going journey and that you can share with others
  • Welcoming, accepting and supportive community in which to take the risk to be all of who you are and cultivate trust
  • Tools for dialogue and creative sharing in partnerships and groups


Session 1: Earth – Resources – Security and Discovering our Needs 

Practices: grounding, rooting into ancestral wisdom and gratitude

Lessons: structure, stability, simplicity, nourishment, equanimity and generosity

Plant Allies: Cedar and Burdock Root


Session 2: Water – Intimacy – Safety and Cultivating Trust 

Practices: somatic embryology, self nurturance, embracing and encompassing self care

Lessons: flow, rhythm, release, receive, e-motion, mirror-like wisdom

Plant Allies: Rose & Mugwort


Session 3: Fire – Community – Sovereignty and Power 

Practices: developmental re-patterning, co-regulation through our nervous system and finding our aliveness 

Lessons: presence, pause, activating aliveness and radiant discerning compassion

Plant Allies: Calendula & Lemongrass


Session 4: Air – Expression – Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration 

Practices: breathwork, embodying joyful boundaries in relationship, finding our creative voice and sound healing

Lessons: acceptance, boundaries, spaciousness, expansion, all accomplishing wisdom

Plant Allies: Echinacea & Mullein


Session 5: Ethers – Connection –  Inner Union 

Practices: embodied integration practice and ritual celebration, envisioning next steps in personal application

Lessons: wonder, envisioning what’s possible, surrender, all embracing and encompassing wisdom

Plant Allies: Tulsi & Anise Hyssop


  • Embodied Narrative training taught by Meaghan Perry RCPF, CARC and Susie Schutt, MA, MHC-A, RDT
  • Interplay inspired practices as taught by Lee Edwards and Agnotti Benedict
  • Somatic movement practices from Body Mind Centering taught by Christine Cole of the Somatic Body Training
  • The Embody Lab online certificates in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Embodied Social Justice 
  • Herbalism from Sage Mauer of the Gaia School of Healing 
  • 2 decades of movement, theater and creative arts in community 
  • All clients & students are teachers

Here’s what others are saying:


I have had the pleasure of experiencing both a 1on1 session and a group series event with Hilary. Hilary Lake Healing Arts & Counseling has such a cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. I felt right at home and safe. The Rebirthing Series event was something I was interested in as an entrepreneur stuck in my own way. I knew a lot was on my plate leading into 2024 so I needed some support and a space to allow non-judgmental creative flow to happen, and clearly it did because I got so much from it: ease, clarity, my voice, connection and understanding of others in the same boat. We all were there for different reasons, although in communicating, we all found common ground in needing this same thing: Hilary’s Rebirth Series. It was lovely, and I highly recommend signing up for this series.
-Aleece Balchik, local movement guide

I moved into a new realm of experience and awareness with Hilary. The combination of guided meditation, contemplation, body awareness, movement and sound was a delicious and nutritive feast for my heart and mind. By tracing the emergence of my physical being into the world I feel more connected to the creative process that continues to create and recreate me every day. What a beautiful gift. ​


Hilary holds a compassionate and responsibly shared space for learning, feeling, and experiencing a more integrative flow in relationship with our ancestors, the earth, her elements, and various layers of our human community – including the wild interconnected nature within!

– F.S.

Hilary is a deeply authentic, grounded and generous human. I felt accepted and met right where I was with no judgment or expectations- safe. She shares powerful practices & tools, a way to live that connects us to ourselves, each other and the world and elements around us. I am grateful and inspired. Thank-you!

-Jenn Evans, massage therapist




5 Sundays every other week 1-3:30pm

 January 21st
February 4th
February 18th
March 3rd
March 17th 

at Hilary Lake Healing Arts Studio

1053 North US-31 Suite #1, Petoskey, MI 



Self Investment:


Sliding scale $220-$320
The cost includes all materials and refreshments.
Register below and pay the balance via Venmo to @Hilary-Lake or bring cash or check to the first session.
There is the option for childcare that is an extra $10-20 per session.
See registration form to express your interest in this option. 



This workshop is limited to 7 participants.
Register early to ensure your spot.
You can reach out to Hilary at hilaryjlake@gmail.com if you have any questions.


January 21
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Hilary Lake Healing Arts
1053 North US-31, Suite 2
Petoskey, MI United States
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