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Embodied Stress Relief for the Female Body Introductory Class & Series

May 29 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Do you find yourself highly stressed or anxious often?

Do you long to have more ease in your daily life and feel like you’re almost always working hard? 

Do you yearn to have more support to live in alignment with your body and embodied joy more of the time? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone and this class and the series that is to follow this summer may support you to cultivate relief and renewal amidst the busy season for so many of us. 


embodied stress relief for the female body

located in the Petoskey Professional Arts Buildinglocated in the Petoskey Professional Arts Building

In this introductory class and series you’ll learn how to move with more resilience through times of change and how you can respond to stress with greater choice amidst whatever you are experiencing. During this five week series, you’ll learn about Polyvagal Theory that works with the natural cycle of your nervous system and the natural resources you have in your body to better understand and regulate your nervous system. This is an understanding that has been well studied, researched as well as practiced by many somatic practitioners and is a simple model for how our bodies respond to stress. You will also come to understand how certain mindfulness, meditation and therapeutic models may not be helpful or the right modality for everyone. You’ll receive guidance and perspective to discern what is best for your unique experience and tools that you can practice right away in the moment.

You’ll also learn about how we as females are cyclical beings and how our infradian cycle (cycle of menstruation) can be a guide to our personal wellness.  While this has often been and may even still be a taboo topic for some, it’s essential for us to understand our unique bodies, their wisdom and how we can continue to grow, heal and learn from our bodies as women throughout our lives. You don’t need to have a uterus or still be menstruating to take the class since we all have our individual relationship to our cycles whether they are monthly or not.

Put together, this is a trauma informed and restorative model for embodied stress relief for the female body. It is put into practice through simple awareness, breathwork and gentle movement practices that you can do at any time. You will learn tools that you can use in your daily routine and in the midst of difficult circumstances to cultivate regulation and resilience to return to your naturally connected, resilient and creative self amidst whatever challenges you are facing. 


Through this experience you will receive:

  • Fun, playful and easeful ways to connect with your body, yourself and others
  • Trauma informed somatic (body based) practices that you can use on your own time to practice self healing in a relaxing way

  • Learn about the Polyvagal Theory Model to understand your central nervous system and how to relate to your embodied experience of stress with more resilience and choice
  • Learn about the Mindy-Body Stress Reset method developed by Rebekkah LaDyne, MS, SEP
  • Better understand the infradian cycle that guides our menstruation as females and how to cultivate greater ease and flow in your life through honoring the wisdom within this cycle
  • Simple, connective embodiment tools you can use at any time, even when you’re busy
  • Welcoming, accepting and supportive community in which to take the risk to be who you are and cultivate trust


Introductory Class & Session 1: Earth – Understanding Stress and Our Nervous System – Grounding in the Cycles

Grounding in our personal experience of stress and learning about Polyvagal Theory and the female infradian cycle as we root into our inner resource.

Session 2: Water – Practicing with Our Emotions and Sensation – Cultivating Inner Trust & Safety

Honoring our feelings and emotions and practicing mindfulness, visualization, pendulation, co-regulation and compassionate communication in our own ways.

Session 3: Fire –  Choosing Movement and Change – Cultivating Our Power Together

Cultivating the choice to release accumulated trauma through the body in movement that is pleasurable and intentional for long term transformation for ourselves, our families, communities and the collective.

Session 4: Air – Creation & Expression – Joyful Collaboration & Pleasure

Working with breathwork and sounding to self regulate in the moment and with others while welcoming our creativity and collaboration through our voice and vocal expression.   

Session 5: Ethers – Connecting it All Together –  Integration and Next Steps

Integration of all the practices while visioning into what’s possible in our lives with a gentle movement journey together as we set and share intentions for our personal next steps. Location at Inspiring Inner Growth yoga studio on Friday, August 2nd, 6-8pm.


  • Embodied Narrative training taught by Meaghan Perry RCPF, CARC and Susie Schutt, MA, MHC-A, RDT
  • Mind-Body Stress Reset written by Rebekkah LaDyne, MS, SEP
  • Infradian Cycle and womb wisdom taught to me by Aquarius, Marya Stark, Sarah Louisignau and my lived experience as a women in relationship with other women 
  • Somatic movement practices from Body Mind Centering taught by Christine Cole of the Somatic Body Training
  • The Embody Lab online certificates in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Embodied Social Justice with many well respected teachers and guides
  • Polyvagal Theory developed by Steven Porges and taught by Peter Levine founder of Somatic Experiencing
  • All clients & students are teachers


Here’s what others are saying:


I have had the pleasure of experiencing both a 1on1 session and a group series event with Hilary. Hilary Lake Healing Arts & Counseling has such a cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. I felt right at home and safe. The Rebirthing Series event was something I was interested in as an entrepreneur stuck in my own way. I knew a lot was on my plate leading into 2024 so I needed some support and a space to allow non-judgmental creative flow to happen, and clearly it did because I got so much from it: ease, clarity, my voice, connection and understanding of others in the same boat. We all were there for different reasons, although in communicating, we all found common ground in needing this same thing: Hilary’s Rebirth Series. It was lovely, and I highly recommend signing up for this series.
-Aleece Balchik, local movement guide


I moved into a new realm of experience and awareness with Hilary. The combination of guided meditation, contemplation, body awareness, movement and sound was a delicious and nutritive feast for my heart and mind. By tracing the emergence of my physical being into the world I feel more connected to the creative process that continues to create and recreate me every day. What a beautiful gift. ​


Hilary holds a compassionate and responsibly shared space for learning, feeling, and experiencing a more integrative flow in relationship with our ancestors, the earth, her elements, and various layers of our human community – including the wild interconnected nature within!

– F.S.

Hilary is a deeply authentic, grounded and generous human. I felt accepted and met right where I was with no judgment or expectations- safe. She shares powerful practices & tools, a way to live that connects us to ourselves, each other and the world and elements around us. I am grateful and inspired. Thank-you!

-Jenn Evans, massage therapist



Introductory Class: Wednesday May, 29th 6-8pm
and then 

Series: 4 Wednesdays every week in July 6-8pm
July 3rd
July 10th
July 17th
July 24th
Last class on Friday August 2nd 6-8pm at Inspiring Inner Growth Yoga Studio


It is not required to attend the May introductory class to sign up for the series.

at Hilary Lake’s Healing Arts Studio
in the East Bayview Professional Building
1053 North US-31 Suite #1, Petoskey, MI 
Inspiring Inner Growth Yoga Studio
in the Petoskey Professional Arts Building
231 State St., Ste 5, Ground Level, Petoskey, MI



Self Investment:


May 29th Introductory Class sliding scale $40-$60
Full Series sliding scale $220-$320
The cost includes all materials and refreshments.
There are also scholarships available if you’re not able to afford the price. Please express on registration form. 

Register below to pay $10 deposit and pay the balance via Venmo to @Hilary-Lake
or bring cash or check to the first session.
There is the option for childcare that is an extra $20-30 per session.
See registration form to express your interest in this option.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.
Register early to ensure your spot.
You can reach out to Hilary at hilaryjlake@gmail.com if you have any questions.


May 29
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hilary Lake Healing Arts
1053 North US-31, Suite 2
Petoskey, MI United States
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