Healing Through Your Grief

One-one Sessions to Awaken Through Loss


Have you had a deeply challenging time lately and feeling a sense of numbness, shutdown, isolation or anxiety regularly?  

Have you had a significant loss of some sort either through the loss of the loved one, a big shift in career or identity?

Are you wanting to feel more aliveness in your life and greater ease in your relationships?

Are you taking the next big step in your life and feeling like there are some emotional blocks that are holding you back?


All of these experiences can be caused by unexpressed grief that can be both personal and shared. While we often think of grief coming from the death of a loved one, we can be going through grief for so many reasons in our lives. This way of working with grief can help you to understand and feel through your current experience of grieving in order to
live more fully.

The world has been changing at an increasing rate and we are called to continue changing as well to cultivate greater resilience to meet these challenges from a place of greater wholeness. It’s from this wholeness that we are better able to meet our needs as well as those of our families, communities and the collective. Grief comes with all of our experiences of change and is a challenge that we all face now more than ever. Grief can also separate us from our wholeness if we don’t allow ourselves to move through it and learn from it. You are invited to take a step into honoring your wholeness in community amidst the many ways that we can feel torn and drawn in different directions. Let us instead come together both within ourselves and in community to heal together. In so many traditions and for many of our ancient ancestors, grieving is and was a collective practice. For those of us who have been separated from this communal healing practice we can once again return to it in tender, loving and profound ways.

Join in this 7 session journey to get a taste of the process of healing through grief that can be nourishing and grounding, joyful and expressive, comforting and connective as well as a growth experience. We will be using our bodies, our breath, our knowing and our creative expression as our guides to awaken latent wisdom that can offer us greater resource and resilience amidst the challenges we face. Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and somatic movement, this journey will invite you to learn about and move through the directions and layers of grief in gentle and powerful ways. We are all united through our grief and it is in grieving, especially with others, that we are able to remember who we truly are and what we are here to be and do in service to all beings. 

There will be trauma-informed embodied (somatic) movement, breath and meditation guidance in the form of tools and practices that can support your journey as well as an open space to share your experience. We will be supported by the wisdom of the elements and the directions and archetypes as you honor your body, the land and the wisdom that we all carry within us as the living Earth.

The Curriculum of the Sessions 

Week 1 – Grounding and Landing into the Grief Wheel together – Commitment, Resourcing Tools, Self Love, Guidelines and Agreements 

Week 2 – East – Air balanced by Earth – Child   
Rooting through Confusion

Week 3 – South – Fire balanced by Water – Villain/Fool Flowing through Scaredness 

Week 4 – West – Water balanced by Fire – Lover/Beloved Surrendering through Despair

Week 5 – North – Earth balanced by Air – Warrior 
Taking Conscious Action through Anger

Week 6 – Center – Ethers – Healer/Sage/Elder  
Honoring our Connections and Callings 

Week 7 – Integration & Application in our Lives

Through this healing journey

you will receive:

  • Tools and practices to address grief and that will support you to heal through your grieving process
  • An understanding and perspective of how we are all in grief and grieving collectively which can be a liberating and connective understanding rather than debilitating 
  • An experience of how grieving can open us to our joy, our creativity, the beauty of life and our ability to celebrate and connect more deeply and broadly with our ourselves, our environment and others 
  • Learn about and practice cultivating greater awareness with nature, the elements and with the land to deepen your relationship with yourself
  • Learn how to resource your own inner wisdom through your body
  • Practices to help you boost your immune system rather than draining your energy through emotional repression
  • Guidance for your own personal healing practice at home

Each session will generally include: 

  • Grounding in together to become more present 
  • Personal check in on your emotional, physical, relational and spiritual experience recently through your felt sense and what you need support with currently
  • Sharing about the stages of grief through The Grief Wheel with elemental, directional and archetypal guides
  • Trauma informed movement & meditation guidance to address a stage of grieving
  • Invitation to personal practice each week
  • Visual StoryBoard and resources for each week


 This course is inspired by many traditions and comes directly from Joanna Macy, Ph.D, who is an author, teacher, scholar of Buddhism, systems thinking and deep ecology. She developed The Work that Reconnects. Hilary collaborated with Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen, a shamanic bloodline chief in the Finnish Sami tradition and pipe carrier, and together they offered an online Grief Wheel Facilitation Training in the winter of 2021.

There are also threads from Tibetan Buddhism, Somatics and Nature Connection including:

  • His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Lama Willa Blythe Baker, Lama Tsultrim Allione
  • Sky Otter (Bill Pfeiffer), Founder of the Sacred Earth Network
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body Mind Centering, Christine Cole, Founder of Somatic Body Training
  • Embody Lab teachers of the Embodied Social Justice, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy Certifications
  • All clients & students are teachers

My first experience with Hilary’s work was with grief counseling. I was initially drawn to her work because I had recently lost a few family members and was seeking support. I went through a series of seven sessions with Hilary focused on grief and moving it through the body. The entire experience couldn’t have been more perfect. It was exactly what I needed – a place to be seen, heard and share my experiences. Hilary holds space in such a beautiful way. She is highly intuitive and I immediately felt at home and comfortable with her. I felt as if I could share exactly what I needed. She provided practices and exercises for me to get more into my body and my experience, not in a way that was wallowing but in a way that helped me honor and move through the grief.

Nadia Elmagrabi

Psychotherapy Informed Coach, Past Life Therapy for Conscious Creatives

Conversations and movement journeys with Hilary are genuine and feel safe because she listens to you and allows you to be a whole person with feelings, questions, and desires for movement. She invites you to notice, ask questions, and move as your body needs and that is affirming and healing!

Ellen Blanchard

If you’re interested in learning more, book a free 30 minute discovery call to see if this journey is right for you: