My Offerings

Cultivate greater resilience within yourself, with the Earth and with others in community with these curated offerings.

Integrative Counseling

This is one-on-one support for you to cultivate nervous system regulation, resilience and balance in your life through simple embodied practices. Through the 5 modes of connection, including awareness, movement, touch, sounding and breath, I’ll ally with you to follow your own guidance and nurture a caring and intimate relationship with yourself and your body.

Ritual & Ceremony Guidance

Ritual is the practice of transformation from one state to another which can be an aspect of ceremony. Ceremony is reverently honoring and re-membering the natural web of life. The root of the word ceremony is “sacred” and so we are returning to the sacredness of life through this often more communal practice.

Healing Through Your Grief

Get a taste of the process of healing through grief that can be nourishing and grounding, joyful and expressive, comforting and connective as well as a growth experience. We will be using our bodies, our breath, our knowing and our creative expression as our guides to awaken latent wisdom that can offer us greater resource.

Cosmic Heart Embodiment Astrology

Cosmic Heart Embodiment opens our minds to be aware of our relatedness in the greater cosmos through our very body, and helps us cultivate a sense of balance between feeling connected to the Earth, ourselves and open to the vastness of possibility.

Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

Mindful and embodied doula support throughout prenatal to birth to postpartum for you to welcome your new child in the way that you wish with more wonder and love.