remember your nature & nurture your wholeness


In a world where there is collective trauma, embedded systems of oppression and therefore great harm and disconnection, Hilary is committed to co-creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for individuals and communities to honor the feminine, the body and the Earth as we remember our connection to and receive nurturing support from the web of life.


We are all bridges between the earth and the sky in constant change with the elements and Hilary co-creates inclusive and welcoming spaces that allow for the healing that is needed for individuals and groups to open to a nurturing relatedness with all of life.

She does this by offering her healing arts community ministry in the form of body-mind integrative counseling, grief guidance, birth and postpartum doula support, ritual and ceremonial guidance, sidereal astrology, speaking, sharing art, classes, workshops and retreats as well as healing products.

How can this affect my life?

By learning about and fulfilling unmet needs within ourselves and being compassionately present with the needs of others and our environment, we are able to take the risk to expand ourselves to create the change that we are called to create in our own lives and in the lives of others.


Cultivating awareness internally in both stillness and movement, sounding and silence to stay present with feelings and sensations while alone and in action in relationship with others.


Connecting with the place and honoring the indigenous history and people of the land as well as our own ancestry. Discerning our needs and how to fulfill these needs in ways that honor all of life.


Cultivating intimacy with ourselves and others to create a sense of greater safety and trust in our lives.


Discovering and owning our personal power, privilege, sovereignty, and capacity in relationship and in community.


Expressing our truth through creativity and in collaborative co-creation with others.



Honoring one’s authenticity in the moment within the current alignment and continuing to be curious about what else is possible. We are all on a healing journey in our own ways and no one heals someone else. We are simply able to support each other in our own natural healing process.


Welcoming all aspects of self, beings, cultures, stories, identities, orientations and abilities as valuable and important.

Creative Empowerment

Trust that we can all uplift ourselves through our own creative process


The ever shifting process of change that is a moving experience of equanimity and harmony.


All is woven together in the sacred web of life.